Marriage License

Marriage License:

Wedding Ceremony at the location of your choice or let us help you select a location whether it is on the Beach, Ocean view, Oceanfront lawns, Lakeside, Private Beach House or a location of your choice.

Your marriage license should be issued at any Probate Court office in South Carolina to be married in South Carolina. There is a 24 hour waiting period after the Probate Court receives your license before it can be picked up from the same Probate office you filed with. The couple has to appear at the Probate office to pick up the Marriage License. No blood tests are required. Office hours are 8 – 4 PM,  Monday –Friday. There are (3) offices in the Myrtle Beach area in Conway, Little River and Surfside Beach. You may pick up your license at any of these offices.

You can apply for your license by mail and attach copies of the proper documents.  Call to make sure everything is in order about 2 weeks after mailing.  You can go to the website www. Horry to get the application and instructions or I can email it to you.

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