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Recessional Order

The Recessional is when the ceremony is over and the weddings party and parents depart. Of course, the bride and groom are the first one to leave, followed by the flower girl, ring bearer, Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor and so on. Don’t forget the parents!! Many times the ushers or groomsmen get caught up in the fact that it’s over and forget to go back to escort the parents out. First is the Mother of the Bride and then the Mother of the Groom, then Grandparents, etc.
That is where you need a wedding coordinator waiting in the wings to remind them they are not done, yet? Then the officiant can announce where the reception is being held before everyone else jumps up.
I usually have a spot for the entire wedding party and parents to hide out until all the guests have made their way to the reception. This eliminates well wishers who will delay the picture taking from getting started. This is all preplanned at the rehearsal. It’s hard to get folks moving out of the way, but that’s why you hire me. To keep things moving.

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