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What does the officiant fee cover?

The officiant fee covers the officiant performing the marriage ceremony.  He/she will arrive at least 20 – 30 minutes before the ceremony.  Give the marriage license to the officiant immediately so they can begin filling in their part.  Do not wait until after the ceremony to present the license because they would need to check to make sure everything is in order before the ceremony can start. The bride and groom will sign the marriage license after the ceremony and be given one copy.  The officiant will file the two Probate copies of the marriage license with the Probate Court the following week.

The fee covers travel to and from the ceremony in Horry County.  If the ceremony is in North Carolina, there would be an additional charge for travel. It covers the performing of the actual ceremony.  If you would like the officiant to be at the rehearsal the charge is $100 and has to be prearranged.

The fee covers performing the Sand Ceremony if you would like to include this in your ceremony.  This is done in lieu of the Unity Candles because they do not stay lit in the wind.  With blended families, children are often included. The couple  will need to supply a small table, tablecloth, a large vase, smaller vases for each person participating and colored sand. Sets for this can be found online or at craft stores or just create your own. This will make a sand sculpture to keep signifying the blending of lives and families.  Make sure you have some way of keeping the sand from spilling or shifting on the trip home.

Sand Ceremony



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