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Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

This is your big day and your dream wedding! The day you will shine and be the center of attention.  You want to experience the glory, but do you really want to experience the pressure and headaches?  Don’t let your memories be of the things that went wrong.

Wedding planning is no easy task, specially if it is a Destination Wedding.  It is a monumental effort to tie all the pieces together to create a practical and visually beautiful event. The wedding planner is there to be a buffer and a fairy godmother to you. Your coordinator will be there the entire time and will make sure your timeline is followed; all vendors are there on time, and ready to play their part. She sees to all the details, so you can have peace of mind which frees you to enjoy your wedding day.

She is the one who will be standing in the background at your wedding while guests give you all the glory you deserve!

Our wedding coordinator- Cheryl

Beautifully set tables

Beautifully set reception tables

Wedding Cake with cascading Lillie's


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